Trading Crypto: Bitcoin Support Holds Over the Weekend

I hope you’ve been listening.
Let’s recap: Bitcoin retraced, came back to test 12k, hovered in the 11k zone, then was given(according to my last post) a couple of days to break the zone. Look to go up…right?
Exactly. Lets take a look.
Bitcoin is now trading at 12,770
What a beautiful outcome. Still want more? Lets keep the dialogue going, for those that are listening.
We’ve broken that 12k mark, which I’ve said was very important. There are a couple of levels in between that could serve as resistance levels…but that’s useless dialogue I’m going to pass on. The more important item at hand is the new high I spoke of this week. Yes, a new high.
As bitcoin holds the 12k mark, lets go into the mid term and look for a new high to be reached. The 20k mark finally seems reasonable, though the question is more about how long it would take.
For now, lets just remember that I have said this is not an investment tool, but is however fun to play with – a trading vehicle. So for all of you out there who want to be daredevils and continue on forward in the coin revolution, look forward to that 20k mark and have a wonderful start to your week.