Trading Crypto: BTC Is a NO PLAY At The Moment!

Good morning traders. This early on a Monday I like to sit back and watch the bulk of you rushing in after the weekend. The difference is, most of you probably didn’t do that considering Bitcoin trading doesn’t sleep!!

Let’s look at the facts…

We had BTC mozy about for most of Friday and into Saturday, where it finally broke and went to about 13k. However, we have been watching it level back off to the 11.5k mark and stay around that area quite well.

Today will be another important test. We will look to see if btc will hold 11k and rumble back to 12k; again an important mark to hold.

So again, we find ourselves stuck in this 11k hangout zone. Let’s watch for the break again. BTC is definitely a NO PLAY at the moment. If you own some, consider a SELL until other confirmation.

Good luck!!