Bitcoin Bounces!! And Other Cryptos Follow In Its Footsteps

Bitcoin took a beating overnight, but has picked itself up off the mat and rebounded better than 1,300 points since about 730AM.

So if you are scoring at home (and if you are actually ‘scoring’ this morning – kudos to you!) and had the ‘cajones’ to jump in at peak freakout this AM you could have caught a near 20% uptick. A good days work, if you can get it.

Therein lies the unending interest in the crypto world. Volatility in all its glory. It is the sole reason that global banks continue to give serious thought to adding Bitcoin and other mainstream coins to their trading desks.

Volatility breeds profits. Just ask the hordes waiting to begin trading cryptos on Robinhood. You think JPMorgan or Bank of America/Merrill Lynch wouldn’t love another couple million customers they didn’t have three months ago? Of course they would.

So long live the volatility in cryptos and find the right trading guru to play the ups and downs.

Paging our own ROGUE TRADER!