PUMP AND DUMP: ‘BTC-Fund-Manager’ Using Client Funds To Manipulate Low Cap Coins

An elaborate pump and dump scheme has been uncovered this week and it follows the script of so many others. Specific Twitter accounts of scale make enticing offers to unsuspecting noobs, several BTC amounts are deposited and those that benefit rejoice and those that don’t get taught a hard lesson.

Via screenshots connected to a Telegram channel, twitter posts, and just outright dumb public dialogue it is believed that several accounts connected to BTC-Fund-Manager has been using deposited funds to intentionally pump and dump alt-coins and disproportionately share (or not share) the profits.

We spoke with several of the ‘clients’ connected to this group and they verified what we’ve seen in these screenshots below. Pump and dump.

Take a quick look, and an explanation will follow:



This activity has been going on for over a year. All you have to do is go to this account and see for yourself: BTC Fund Manager

**It looks as if they’ve taken their accounts private, knowing this was coming.

Here is their website: Bitcoin Signals

Does that look legit to you?? My god. The scams seem to never end in crypto and a new one pops into our DM’s every other day. We try and cover the big ones.

Based on our conversations, screenshots (there are more), and conversations with former members of the group – there are millions of dollars worth of BTC rolling through this organization. And by extension being applied to alt-coins like $18T and $GSC – and a whole host of others.

This is unabashed market manipulation using capital of scale to move the price of a coin in the direction you want it to go. Clear as day.

If this type of behavior doesn’t get washed out of the space, in large part, crypto will struggle to reach the masses as it should.


Suppoman and Balina Together In London; Crypto Twitter Face Palm!

In a post that garnered almost universal mockery, Ian Balina and Michael Suppo posed for a picture and shared the ‘cringe’ with all of us. Especially cool were the thumbs up by both crypto legends (sarcasm).

Literally, anyone who has one shred of influence and credibility connected to their Twitter account was more than happy to engage in epic mockery of the pose and all that it stands for. Are these guys so obtuse and unaware of their limited reputations that they BOTH thought this was a good idea? And better yet, somehow thought it would be well received??

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the post and the comments that followed, it is totally worth it – and hilarious. Here is the link to get directly to it: Balina and Suppoman

Just scroll down a bit and begin enjoying the true value that crypto twitter can bring via sarcasm and public mockery.


Zeke Echelon (De Jong) Returns To Crypto Via LinkedIn; Pens Ridiculous Bio On Medium

It didn’t take long. And many hoped that he had either been caught and prosecuted, or ridden off into the sunset to never be heard from again. But we couldn’t all be so lucky. Zeke Echelon, aka, Ezekiel De Jong has returned and is calling himself a crypto hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and claiming 250% annual returns on LinkedIn.

Two specific Medium posts have attempted to reintroduce (and rehab) ‘Ezekiel’ to the crypto community in a new and polished way. Take a look at portions of the post here:

“Known to many as a Crypto pioneer, Ezekiel de Jong is a self-made millionaire and the founder of Mt. Khalifa, a multi-award winning Cryptocurrency hedge fund and blockchain advisory and development team. Ezekiel adopted Bitcoin in 2012 and has gained massive success through perseverance and motivation. When asked about how he claimed his token to wealth, he responded with “when I made the decision to buy Bitcoin, I saw the future of currency and knew this was the key to a decentralized and free future.” Ezekiel has spoken at over fifty International Cryptocurrency conferences and is a highly demanded contract advisor for up and coming ICO’s.”

Where do we even start with this stuff? A ‘multi-award winning hedge fund’? Blockchain advisory and development team? On what projects? Fifty international cryptocurrency conferences? Oh, really? Which ones? Name them.

This is exactly who Zeke, Ezekiel is. Gets outed for multiple scams, live streaming sex on Telegram, doing drugs during a pump and dump, hacking Philakone and running off with a couple hundred thousand dollars – and reappear on a different social media platform claiming to be legitimate.

And how about this:

“Not only is Ezekiel hard working and extremely successful in his platform and company, this Australian wonder has one of the kindest hearts in the cryptocurrency world having donated massive amounts of money to charities including those of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Salvation Army. Being the successful guy he is, Ezekiel is constantly busy with deals and managing his company, but that doesn’t stop him from taking the time out of his day to answering his DM’s on Twitter from thousands of people asking for help. Time after time, Ezekiel has given back to his community, but his greatest accomplishment is when Ezekiel paid for a young man’s hospital bill who was suffering from Stage 2 of Chronic Kidney disease. This act of kindness truly resonates what Ezekiel brings to the Crypto community.”

A dose of dialogue that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of unsuspecting investors. It sounds to us like ‘Ezekiel’ has seen the error of his ways and is committed to masquerading as a ‘crypto saint’.

As the crypto bear market has begun to turn and more newcomers enter the space, these types of scams will move from hotspot to hotspot hoping to steal a quick buck and then plan their next heist. That is exactly what this is. A scam being pulled off by one of cryptos master scammers.

Medium post: Ezekiel de Jong

Already pulling people in:


Roger Ver Gets Punk’d; Makes Changes To Language On Site, Per Pending Lawsuit

Roger Ver has been called many things, but a guy that backs down he is not. There are all sorts of stories of his aggressive antics in the crypto space – so much so that some even fear the guy.

But it seems that the growing wave of anger within the Bitcoin community towards Roger’s slippery marketing games connected to BCash is starting to take its toll. Just in the last couple of days, Roger has changed language on his website (bitcoin.com) to appropriately mark bitcoin cash as BCash and not Bitcoin.

He’s been known to run this particular game on newcomers to the space. Buying up ‘bitcoin’ real estate and tricking ‘noobs’ into believing that BCash is actually the ‘real’ Bitcoin. The crypto community has been so fed up that they’ve actually done the work of putting together lawsuits to carpet bomb some of Roger’s properties and force them to change their messaging. It seems to be working.



The lawsuit itself has garnered global attention and moved even those that have heretofore stayed on the sidelines, to pick sides.

“The group says it has attracted some community “bigwigs,” some of which include Bitcoin entrepreneurs Charlie Shrem and Richard Heart, Xotika.TVJohn Carvalho, and Ibrea.org founder Ragnar Lifthrasir, who’s been urging people to report the Bitcoin dot com wallet for fraud.”

This storyline has a long way to go and will still probably end up in court…if for no other reason than Roger Ver has deep pockets and probably wants nothing more than a well-publicized lawsuit to further engage in ‘BCash versus BCore’ dialogue.

If there is one thing you can say about Roger (that begins to approach a positive trait) it is that he is committed. 100% committed to his cause. The lengths he will go to as a BCash evangelist…

JewKorean Makes Statement: “I am innocent in this…”

Some more news broke this morning connected to the market manipulation scandal that caught several crypto twitter influencers on screenshots allegedly involved is an elaborate pump and dump plan. We use the word allegedly very carefully here. This story is still developing and we do not want to besmirch the reputation of anyone that may have been unduly accused of acting on the dialogue that has been revealed. Still – the screenshots are available for all to see.

And new screenshots have appeared this morning and they have quickly been disputed. Both sides are claiming that they are fake and authentic at the same time. Two specific screenshots claim that JewKorean was involved and had made specific monetary commitments to the plan.

JewKorean adamantly denies these claims and has stated that his inclusion in any spreadsheet is fake, doctored, or added after the fact.

Here is his statement to us early this morning:

“Here are the facts, I had nothing to do with that, the spreadsheet is obviously false, and I’m not in those chats or that group. It’s an ugly thing for crypto.”

“The bottom line is I didn’t have anything to do with it, someone made a fake spreadsheet because they don’t like me, I tend to feed trolls at times or someone is jealous whatever the reason. But the reality is I’ve tried to help as many people as I can do well because I believe crypto is the way for financial freedom for so many people stuck in the rat race.”

“At the end of the day, I didn’t even know what this coin was. I am innocent in this.”

You be the judge as this story continues to develop. One point that we do agree with, from JewKorean’s comments, this isn’t good for crypto. Let’s hope that more clarity finds its way into this story and it can be put to bed.

The problem with that is this – we hear that a video connected to this scandal is going to be released at some point today. Developing.

Crypto Gat Attempts Apology; Releases Statement On Market Manipulation Allegations

Crypto Gat decided to release a statement connected to his involvement in the Bitcoin Bravado group and the Telegram screenshots that have now become well known in and around crypto twitter.

Without additional commentary, here is his statement:

Take to Twitter to engage in the dialogue around this statement and see what others are saying. This story continues to develop and we expect there to be more that is released in the coming days.

MarQuis Trill Invited To NASDAQ To Talk Cryptos; Crypto Announcement Follows

MarQuis Trill was invited to spend some time at the NASDAQ offices and exchange and they picked his brain on cryptocurrency trends throughout the day. They discussed the industry’s maturity, MarQuis’ involvement, and his beliefs that the crypto movement was in the midst of changing finance forever. As far as ‘in-depth’ access goes, this was as ‘in-depth’ as it will ever get.

The most interesting development though may have been what followed MarQuis’ trip to the worldwide exchange. Within 48 hours of MarQuis’ meetings with NASDAQ leadership, the exchange took to the airwaves to announce that they were in the process of navigating regulatory obstacles that will eventually lead to cryptos being listed on the exchange and traded there. Not just, or only, crypto futures, but the actual coins themselves.

NASDAQ even enlisted Gemini Exchange and the Winklevoss twins in their announcement. As the NASDAQ took to the media outlets to declare their love for all things crypto, and also admitting that they were partnering with Gemini to establish regulatory protocols – who was in the middle of it all? MarQuis Trill.

Check out the pictures here:



Philakone On An Island: Arrest Warrants, Hacks, Broken Relationships, Drug Use, Scams

The Philakone saga has gotten so strange that it has been hard to keep up. But new developments keep hitting our inbox, our phones, our DM’s and even our actual mailbox. Philakone has serious problems, both personal and legal, that he needs to pay attention to at the moment.

This is going to be an all-encompassing article. We are going to cover the last six months of Philakone’s activities to paint a very clear picture. A picture that tells a specific story: While he may be a decent chartist and day trader, he is not to be followed blindly. His work should be viewed critically, and his behavior should not be tolerated.

This article has to be done for one reason and one reason alone – protecting sheep that are being led to slaughter in multiple ways. Whether it be via market manipulation, faulty trading advice, paying ridiculous sums to join a fraudulent trading group; or any other such behavior that would ruin 99% of the followers that worship at the feet of Philakone.

**Before we begin to deconstruct the last six months of developments we want everyone reading this to understand how we go about this kind of work. Every single word you will read in this article has been fact-checked and corroborated by a minimum of four sources; sometimes up to as many as eight. In other words, we stand behind our work, pure and simple. As proof, we have our comments section open and won’t close it. Say whatever you want to say, whenever you want to say it. We only delete comments that are links/spam or threaten bodily harm.**


As of this moment, Philakone (age 33) is unable to travel to the United States because of a warrant for his arrest for DWI connected to alcohol and drug abuse. This fact has been confirmed by five different associates of Philakone’s who he disclosed it to in the last month.

In the last three weeks, Philakone spent 9 days in jail in Canada connected to suspected money laundering and distribution of a controlled substance. This has been verified by six sources, two of which are law enforcement officials in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA.

From a law enforcement standpoint, Philakone is known as “a former drug dealer in Winnipeg who has turned his attention to other questionable endeavors” – per the law enforcement officials we spoke to yesterday. He is known in and around Winnipeg as a “questionable character”.


We have spoken at length with several of Philakone’s momentary associates who have since stopped attempting to give him business/life advice. His former associates have thrown in the towel in this pursuit because of Philakones drug use, unpredictable personality, and baseless claims that somebody has been trying to steal his twitter account girlfriend of the moment.

Philakone Revealed: Jailed Last Week, Former Drug Dealer, Still Addicted, Falling Apart

We gave Philakone several chances to speak to us and find a way to clear the air and soften the blow of what we are about to tell you. We DM’d him, spoke to some of his (now former) associates, emailed, and even attempted to text him. While he did engage with a couple of ‘middle of the night’ DM’s two days ago, he has simply either refused to clear the air or is continuing to lose the battle with substance abuse.

**A quick note. Substance abuse is a disease and a sickness. It is not a laughing matter in any way shape or form. What Philakone is going through, the actions that he is taking, are headed to an even darker moment that we hope he doesn’t reach. Many of his former associates are very, very worried about him.**


We are awaiting the Manitoba report that reveals that Philakone was arrested nearly two weeks ago and spent almost 9 days in jail. Why did this happen, and why was he arrested? Philakone is a former drug dealer in Winnipeg and is constantly under the watchful eye of authorities there. They are constantly monitoring his communications, his live streams, his YouTube messages – and become alarmed and very suspicious when he began to flash significant amounts of cash via messages in Discord and via DM’s on Twitter.

Still, he continues down a path that is about self-harm, narcissistic, hurtful to himself and those around him, and that ultimately put him in jail last week and the week before.


We are waiting on a copy of the official paperwork from Manitoba police, but have four different sources that have confirmed to us that Philakone was picked up for suspicion of money laundering and drug distribution. He made a court appearance, posted bail, and will await his hearing in a couple of months.

His lack of activity in the crypto space over the past 17 days left many with all sorts of questions. We now know that Philakone was behind bars and trying to find a way to communicate with his followers in any way that he could.

He revealed his incarceration first to @sirPatec (who has since deleted his account after being viciously threatened by Philakone upon his release from prison) in a Discord chat and call several days ago.

A quick screenshot:



Philakone has also burned nearly every bridge that attempted to build itself around him. Those that have attempted to reach out to him and help him extricate himself from his drug addiction.

Here is a screenshot of his relationship with a former friend blowing up:


There is much, much more to this story that we will release later this evening. We are fielding dozens of DM’s right now and gathering the information to make sure it is released responsibly.

One issue that we want to make clear. There have been several individuals that were brought into the tangled web that Philakone weaved and are the worse for it and wish they had never gotten remotely close to the guy. Go easy on them. Twitter can be fraught with good intentions that are met with voracity and bad deeds. Philakone is a drug-addicted disaster that is mere moments from imploding,

Take cover:

***this has a very Zeke Echelon feel to it…who is still nowhere to be found. Once revealed to be a fraud, he disappeared. Now Philakone is claiming to disappear.

Philakone Saga Gets Even Stranger; Lashes Out, Drugs Playing Pivotal Role (video included)

Philakone is absolutely losing it. This is what drug addiction looks like. You abandon your friends, burn every bridge anyone has ever tried to build FOR you. He is losing it in real time and refuses to take the help of everyone that is offering it to him.

Attached is a YouTube video that Leon Lambo just put together about what has really gone down in the last two weeks. Crazy drug use, arrests, and the fact that he isn’t allowed in the United States because of drug arrests and warrants. It is a total mess.

Watch and listen:

Leon Tells All

Philakone Is Falling Apart

Philakone Missing

Here is the deal. Leon and Johnny Crypto are clean in this. They have legitimately tried to help Philakone several times. This video makes it clear. This whole thing is ridiculous and sophomoric.