EMBARRASSED: Verge Pornhub Partnership Turning Into A Joke; Tron And ZenCash Now Accepted

Justin Vendetta: “This is the biggest partnership in crypto history!”

Narrator: “It was not the biggest partnership in crypto history.”

Verge bagholders keep getting handed new levels of shit to deal with – and several levels of embarrassment. Forget the hacks, the ‘copy and paste’ fixes to said hacks, and getting trolled by porn stars.

Now, porn aficianados have several different cryptos to choose from when PAYING for their porn.  Tron and ZenCash have been announced as crypto options on Pornhub.

You shouldn’t have to look too far to understand how these two new options occurred. The Verge hacks played a major role in adding more stable coins to the porn network.

Oh, and as far as we can tell (as of press time) neither Tron or ZenCash has to pay millions to seal the deal with Pornhub. In fact they paid a grand total of zero dollars. Verge paid nearly $10MM. Yikes.

What a mess Verge is at this point. Their market cap has essentially gone straight down since the Pornhub announcement. Sure, so has every other alt-coin, but we were promised the ‘biggest partnership in the history of crypto’ sir??

We have no idea where $XVG goes from here, but you might do well to spend a few minutes honestly evaluating whether or not a management team with this track record is worth your capital. Simple answer – no.