EXCLUSIVE: Tron In Talks To Be Added To Institutional Exchanges; Coinbase/GDAX And Circle

Tron has been working furiously over the last month to move its currency into the hands of institutions across the globe. Moving from retail exchanges such as Binance and Bitfinex into block trade institutional deep waters.

Two sources at GDAX and one at Circle confirmed that the Tron team had been putting on a “full court press” to be added to the platforms that serve institutional clients and execute massive block trades around the world.

We attempted to reach out to Gemini to verify rumors that the Tron team was also attempting to be added to their platform as well. We were unable to reach anyone for comment on either background or condition of anonymity.

We have heard, over the last two days, that they were attempting the ‘trifecta’ of institutional inclusion that could be announced within the next 90 days. At this point we can’t confirm or deny if Tron executives are engaging Gemini at the moment.

Still, our sources, on condition of anonymity, were able to confirm with us that nobody is being more aggressive in the ‘exchange’ game then Tron. As it was put to us, “they are professionally aggressive and willing to provide unparalleled transparency to win inclusion.”

That particular piece of information stuck out to us. Tron is known to have significant ‘F&F’ (friends and family of Justin Sun) ownership, and if they are moving towards disclosure and levels of diversification to satisfy these exchanges, that would be a headline all on its own.

The upshot is this – there is a furious battle over which brand will be the next added to Coinbase/GDAX, Gemini, or Circle. And we all know why. If and when a deal is reached or an announcement is made the market cap of that coin will pump. And pump hard.

Why do you think Ripple has been willing to move heaven and earth to get there? As of today, Tron is just as hard at it.