HOT TAKE: Brenna Sparks Executes Epic Takedown Of Verge Fanboy

Earlier this week Brenna Sparks, adult film star, and crypto personality executed one of the quickest and most effective takedowns of a #VergeFam fanboy we’ve ever seen. So much so that it actually warrants a story and denouement befitting its ‘in the moment’ quality.

Here is the response tweet to a #VergeFam fanboy attempting to troll Brenna via her appearance:


Crypto twitter justifiably melted down for a few hours. VergeFam, as a core group of crypto twitter members, seems to find fault with anyone and anything other than their own favorite coins development issues and leadership. At times it is cringe-worthy to watch and read.

As Verge attempts to deal with the successive hacks on its product they’ve attempted different levels of damage control via posts, dev updates (stolen from other projects, yet not giving those creators any credit/actually lying about it), while the market cap of $XVG continues to swoon.

Maybe worst of all, Justin Vendetta, the leader/CEO of #VergeFam and all of its trappings seems to be MIA. A lack of updates, statements, appearances, or direction is disturbing.

Left to twist in the wind after the fanfare of the MindGeek/Pornhub announcement, VergeFam is feeling a bit abandoned.

Instead of making headlines for a perfectly executed reply tweet by a well-intentioned Twitter personality, Verge would do well to constantly be updating their security and privacy (it is a privacy token after all) protocols and screaming them from the crypto mountain tops.