If You Haven’t Noticed, John McAfee Is Losing His Damn Mind!

John McAfee has always been crazy. Drugs, firearms, small armies of gunmen (err…bodyguards), admitting to penultimate levels of shilling, and dubbing himself a ‘Svengali’ of crypto. When you dub yourself anything it automatically qualifies you as self-indulgent at best, and psychotic at worst.

He’s been involved in significant legal entanglements up to the point of being accused of murder. He riggled himself out of that one but has essentially admitted to ‘taking people out’ at different points since then.

Just last week he either overdosed or was poisoned by a staffer of some sort. You do the math on that one. It felt like an unnecessary stunt of some sort created to bring daily attention to ‘Team McAfee’ in a down crypto market.

His tweets are weird and often cryptic. His associations are questionable. Oh, and he has declared his intention to run for president in 2020.

Which brings us to his latest stunt of calling out exchanges. (Which already feels like a backdoor money grab in some way – so don’t be surprised if that is revealed at some point.)

Exchanges can be called the lifeline of cryptocurrencies, with the increasing popularity of all sorts of altcoins and more enthusiasts wanting to invest and make money from trading in these non-fiat currencies. McAfee recently posted multiple tweets targeting HitBTC, which created yet another stir in the crypto community:

Some of the tweets from McAfee attempted to explain the reasons for his attack on HitBTC:

“I fired the first shot in the war that must be fought. Our exchanges are connected to our banks and our governments. To take down the entire system, we must first take down our exchanges. Distributed exchanges are coming. I have singled out @hitbtc because they are the worst.”

“@hitbtc I will be your worst enemy until you prove that you are aligned with our community and are truly interested in helping the poor. You have not done shit to help access the only free healthcare in the world.”

Shots fired. However indiscriminately – still, they were fired. This seems to be McAfee’s chosen ‘modus operandi’ when picking up a new battle/cause for the week. After repeated tweets from McAfee, HitBTC finally responded with a post stating “get well soon John, your friends at HitBtc”. The HitBTC team later posted another response justifying their prices and the way they have designed their algorithm. The team also asked McAfee to advise them on this issue and directed that “most of the exchanges” face the same problem.

Here was HitBTC’s explanation:

Anyone notice how significantly more reasonable their response is than McAfee’s initial accusations? Of course, you do. McAfee seems to struggle most significantly with boredom (or the constant need for attention) and engages in unprovoked exchanges. This one qualifies as the back and forth continued.

McAfee replied by asking the team to concentrate on the redressal bit of the issue that is prevailing. He also mentioned that they have “unjustly subjected docademic” which has resulted in the death of “unknown number of people”. Huh?

HitBTC operates from an “unknown location” and have already been subjected to a number of complaints directed towards “accidental coins loss claims”. In 2015 the exchange was hacked, which and did not reveal how many coins were stolen and stated that “no user funds were affected”. So they’ve got issues of their own.

Where this is headed, who can tell? Probably nowhere and will prove to be another misinformed McAfee adventure. There won’t be any lawsuit from McAfee or any other action. Just some ill-timed tweets published to gather attention.

Another day, another bizarre McAfee adventure. The crypto community could do well to identify a more appropriate and better-mannered spokesperson. McAfee isn’t doing any of us any favors.