Litecoin Dad Saga Continues It’s Strange Trip: ‘Alright, alright, alright…”

It seems the weekend’s insanity, strange Periscopes, and twitter infighting wasn’t enough drama from some in the Litecoin community. Namely, Litecoin Dad and his followers.

Since his strange Periscope describing getting removed from several hotels in Vegas over the weekend the following have been announced via his Twitter account:

  1. That he was being physically threatened by Litecoin Queen. (these Litecoin names are a bit much)
  2. He called the police and filed a report.
  3. He declared his love for the #litecoinfam several dozen times.
  4. Announced that he was leaving Twitter and said ‘goodbye’ to all of his followers.
  5. Quickly returned to Twitter and announced he was launching an ICO to eradicate homelessness.
  6. Also announced that he is moving to Vegas, after declaring that “Vegas sucks” 24 hours earlier.

Ummmm…at a minimum we appreciate the moment by moment updates on his mental state and crypto ambitions. At the other end of the spectrum, this is playing out like a manic episode of some sort.

Announcing that you are going to launch an ICO to build micro-housing units to solve homelessness is a noble ambition. It is also a weee bit pie in the sky.

We aren’t here to judge this guy. We assume that he means well, but may have some issues that need some attending too. And that may be a slight understatement on our part.

Crypto twitter can get very, very weird at times. A mix of anarchists, cypherpunk, outcasts, and opportunists can create a less than ideal mix. Litecoin Dad is but one example.