Matt LaFrandt And A Ridiculous Periscope: 5 Tips To Make It Through A Bear Market!

It’s been a slow week in the crypto-twitter space, nay some may say even boring.

Indeed, the streets still run red with the blood of noobs and seasoned traders alike and there isn’t a lot that hasn’t already been said and stated and said again about Queen Bee BTC’s next move.

In these down-trend bearish periods, we turn to the Twitter-Verse to keep us amused and to shit-talk about shitcoins to pass the time. This week it seems even the shit-talkers and the shitcoins were, more or less *gasp*, silent. However, when times are tough as indeed they are, life will sometimes offer you a special treat of sorts to raise your spirits and to keep you from drinking a bottle of Dichlorvos.

One such gem to raise our spirits this week was none other than Mr. Money Matt La Frandt.

Yes, just when we thought Twitter had run out of saltiness and stupidity to amuse us, Mr. La Frandt has taken time out of his hectic schedule of misogyny and scam-artistry and graced us with a 5+ minute Twitter periscope stream, coaching us on ‘Things to do in a bear market’.

Since Mr. La Frandt has been, according to his patreon, ‘in crypto’ since October 2017 we are confident his experience and advice in dealing with and observing ‘bear markets’ is extensive. *insert eye roll*.

I know, dear readers, you will all be anxious to hear the pearls of wisdom that Mr. La Frandt bestowed onto his 20k+ Twitter followers regarding Bear Market activities, so we have taken it upon ourselves to summarize them for you.

Tip Number 1. Smoke Weed. (Hands Down Arguably the best advice that has ever come out of Mr. La Frandts’ mouth – although we aren’t convinced it’s a mainstream solution to a bear-market).

Tip Number 2. Avoid Bear Traps. (*sigh* Great advice except Mr. La Frandt gives no useful ways or examples to actually avoid said traps).

Tip Number 3. Give your mum a hug. (Ok this is advice we should all take on board, bear market or not, everyone go hug your mum, it won’t help your portfolio but it will make your mum feel special).

Tip Number 4. Call your Best Friend Seriously, Unless your BFF is in crypto we’re guessing this catchup will be short-lived; and finally…

Tip Number 5. Be a multiplier, not a Divider – wow this sounds really cool…. WTF does it mean though?

Thus, having bequeathed this vital bear-market survival guide to his adoring followers, Matt leaves periscope with a parting comment on his ‘vibe’ and compares his appearance (and states that others often do) to none other than Oscar Awarding Winning Actor Matthew McConaughey.

(Note* Mr. La Frandt does clarify he’s referring to the Dazed and Confused version of McConaughey, not the Dallas Buyers Club McConaughey)… Umm okay, based on that Matt we fear you might have been partaking in Tip Number 1 a little too much?

Until next week Crypto-Twitter – Stay Salty!

Written by Anonymous Crypto Twitter Contributor.