Philakone Announces $50k Membership Fee To Join His Group (Video Included)

We couldn’t make this shit up if we wanted to. Choe announces a ‘super-bot’ yesterday that executed 85% winners and doesn’t realize how fucking stupid it sounds. But it actually gets much better…

Philakone, about an hour ago, announced that his ‘team’ of traders – Choe, Johnny Crypto, Ched’s, himself, etc are putting together elite memberships that cost $50,000. Yes, you read that right, fifty thousand fucking dollars to trade with Philakone – who also adds in the video that it isn’t that much money to him or his team.

He also claims that they are only taking one new person this year on their team for that amount. Sure. At this point, whoever remains in this guys fanboy camp are just completely stupid. And we mean that in the most sincere way – these guys are using you and you don’t even know it.

Ms. Philakone also was dumb enough to say that this membership included ‘financial advice’. Practically begging regulators to indict him any minute. The level of stupidity and arrogance at play here rivals Jordan Belfort at this point.

Here is the video:

50k Membership Fee

**Scroll to the 39:00 mark and watch the last three and a half minutes – pure delusion.