Philakone Revealed: Jailed Last Week, Former Drug Dealer, Still Addicted, Falling Apart

We gave Philakone several chances to speak to us and find a way to clear the air and soften the blow of what we are about to tell you. We DM’d him, spoke to some of his (now former) associates, emailed, and even attempted to text him. While he did engage with a couple of ‘middle of the night’ DM’s two days ago, he has simply either refused to clear the air or is continuing to lose the battle with substance abuse.

**A quick note. Substance abuse is a disease and a sickness. It is not a laughing matter in any way shape or form. What Philakone is going through, the actions that he is taking, are headed to an even darker moment that we hope he doesn’t reach. Many of his former associates are very, very worried about him.**


We are awaiting the Manitoba report that reveals that Philakone was arrested nearly two weeks ago and spent almost 9 days in jail. Why did this happen, and why was he arrested? Philakone is a former drug dealer in Winnipeg and is constantly under the watchful eye of authorities there. They are constantly monitoring his communications, his live streams, his YouTube messages – and become alarmed and very suspicious when he began to flash significant amounts of cash via messages in Discord and via DM’s on Twitter.

Still, he continues down a path that is about self-harm, narcissistic, hurtful to himself and those around him, and that ultimately put him in jail last week and the week before.


We are waiting on a copy of the official paperwork from Manitoba police, but have four different sources that have confirmed to us that Philakone was picked up for suspicion of money laundering and drug distribution. He made a court appearance, posted bail, and will await his hearing in a couple of months.

His lack of activity in the crypto space over the past 17 days left many with all sorts of questions. We now know that Philakone was behind bars and trying to find a way to communicate with his followers in any way that he could.

He revealed his incarceration first to @sirPatec (who has since deleted his account after being viciously threatened by Philakone upon his release from prison) in a Discord chat and call several days ago.

A quick screenshot:



Philakone has also burned nearly every bridge that attempted to build itself around him. Those that have attempted to reach out to him and help him extricate himself from his drug addiction.

Here is a screenshot of his relationship with a former friend blowing up:


There is much, much more to this story that we will release later this evening. We are fielding dozens of DM’s right now and gathering the information to make sure it is released responsibly.

One issue that we want to make clear. There have been several individuals that were brought into the tangled web that Philakone weaved and are the worse for it and wish they had never gotten remotely close to the guy. Go easy on them. Twitter can be fraught with good intentions that are met with voracity and bad deeds. Philakone is a drug-addicted disaster that is mere moments from imploding,

Take cover:

***this has a very Zeke Echelon feel to it…who is still nowhere to be found. Once revealed to be a fraud, he disappeared. Now Philakone is claiming to disappear.

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  1. suck my cock
    suck my cock says:

    ROFL – This post seconds after the hack, wow fake news completely, fuck you whoever wrote this.

    • Bill
      Bill says:

      Definitely fake news. What a dumb story. Phill was great and entertaining. I don’t even trade. What a messed up space. Get help.

  2. ThicC
    ThicC says:

    Dude. You guys cant be serious. This isnt “fake news”. The guy is having a complete and utter breakdown.

  3. destruktoh
    destruktoh says:

    Why does this “journal” care so much to dig into someone’s private life?? If he is addicted to some substance then that’s a highly personal struggle to be publicizing… especially with absolutely zero concrete evidence to back it up. His choice if he wants to disappear from twitter for a while, I don’t blame him with these kinds of crazy stories being published about him.

  4. hgeas
    hgeas says:

    This guy had a huge following and was helping thousands of traders to success. I could not give a damn shit about his backstory. We should be really damn thankful about his contribution to the crypto trader community

    All you guys do is trying to drag somebody down to get some shitty clicks on your news site, you guys are super cheap.

  5. fuckyourself
    fuckyourself says:

    what exactly are the accusations now?? that phil is doing drugs? if so… who cares? what wretched fuckers are you @icojournal to publish this from a guy, who is already down. WHO pays you to do this? you must have got money to do this or you paid money for this information. WHO is hating phil that much, that this PRIVATE information is published?

    phil has nothing bad done to the crypto community. he just shared his information for free to the community – thats all.

  6. Cryptopher
    Cryptopher says:

    His twitter account is deleted. Philakone is a known gambler, scammer, and drug addict.

    Idk about drug dealer. He’d probably get robbed in a heart beat, but he was probably ordering Molly on the darkness and trying to roofy girls.

    Speaking of girls, he’s such a pathetic cuck, he would reveal how much of scammer he was to anyone on twitter that has a default pic w tits. He’s been exposed numerous times on steemit by catfish twitter accounts. Dude is pathetic. Barely has any money to his name, lives at his parents, and tries to flex with money borrowed on margin that he gambles away with that guesswork he calls TA.

    90% of his followers are bots and the other 10% are just brainlets

    • not Satoshi
      not Satoshi says:

      sure got ur share of retards commenting here … all his followers cared abt was he TA which was EXCELLENT …all the other shit/haters can just fxxxx off n get a life ..

    • Manscrazy
      Manscrazy says:

      – He ain’t scamming no one. He is helping the community.

      – drugaddict? You high bro

      – barely has any money? Phila just bought a new home bought new computers, new phones new internet payed people to fix the problem. The people you are quoting put him in this situation dumbass. Oh yeah and he doesn’t live with his parents. About the ‘90% of his followers are bots’ man did you hacked Phila or you high on drugs? Get a job bro nobody wanna hear your propaganda. I heared icojournal needs coworkers 😜 learn to criticly think for yourself. You sounds like you would believe that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction

  7. Karim
    Karim says:

    I see nothing incriminating when it comes to the screenshots of his DMs and the rest is all speculation and hearsay. I could be suaded either way, but until actual prove comes along: innocent until proven guilty. And for the record: to the community Philakone has been great, offering free content with lots of entertainment and advice. The people against him? Not so much. They’re walking ads, spreading FUD like their lives depend on it. And now they claim they’re friends and they’re “helping” Philakone, but how are you helping someone by saying they’re mentally ill, have a drug problem and can’t be trusted? If Alt and the other guy had just taken the high road in this matter and not opportunistic shillers overall, they would have been so much more believable.

  8. TheShittyJournal
    TheShittyJournal says:

    Shitty article. i hope he reads this so he can pursuit you causing you to give him a lot of money and you get bankrupt.

  9. Baal
    Baal says:

    This site is obviously a shell outlet for those trying to defame Philakone – You should have been a little less aggressive when composing this article because it comes across as SUPER fake, all the exaggeration and posits sounds like an adolescent wrote it… official paperwork pending, give me a break guys.

  10. Publisher
    Publisher says:

    Philakone is a drug addict – pure and simple. If you are following his work, or attempting to profit from it, you are doing so at your own risk. Those defending him are perfectly within their rights to do so…but this story doesn’t portend a happy ending.

  11. John
    John says:

    LOLZZZ If you have been following him, there is no freaking way, 0% chance he is drug dealer and into money laundering. OMG, I thought ppl saying ICO journal was bullshit journal was just joking but its true, you guys are full of fake bs news. Lolz, funniest shit I ever heard in 2018; Philakone is drug dealer.

  12. Fuck The ICO Journal
    Fuck The ICO Journal says:

    The ICO Journal is out to post slander against Philakone as well as other crypto influencers who have been providing TA + other educational information for free. Those are some bold claims to make

  13. cryptodaulphin
    cryptodaulphin says:

    Great Philakone, very generous with his time and teaching all of us valuable trading. Nothing is mentioned about that. This article has nothing to do with ICO but disclosing personal info about the guy. Very cheap from you, shame on you. You should learn from this guy instead of breaching personal info for no use

  14. oai
    oai says:

    who cares? why concentrate so much effort trying to slander someone on the internet? who is this guy that everyone should care so much about trying to ruin him? hes just a narcissistic guy trying to teach TA lol racism is alive

  15. J
    J says:

    What a load of absolute bullshit! Sorry guys but theico must be aquatinted with the other party, you have basically quoted 3 people in this story, the guys who have scammed him. Shame on you!

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