Philakone’s Final Message Before Deleting His Account

Just before Philakone deactivated his Twitter account (and just after attempting to fool his followers into believing that his account was hacked), he left us a final message.

Even though we engaged with him time and time again, attempting to clear the air and partner with those that had tried to turn him in the right direction – finally, he chose the ‘dark path’.

And of course, fitting of the dark path, what better way to sign off than with sophomoric misogyny, foul language, and phallic sexuality? Of course, no conversation with Philakone would be complete without it.

This was his final message to us:


And as a final denouement (although, who really believes that this guy won’t be back, claiming that he beat the hackers and to return to his adoring fans), we do hope that Philakone gets the help that he needs.

So many have attempted to help him. Some of the most consistent and well behaved TA accounts on Twitter have reached out to get Philakone to calm down, step back, understand the opportunities that he has in front of him, and treat all of it with respect.

As of now, he has chosen not to do that and instead, continue feeding the ‘persona’ that is telling him he has to be more than just a TA savant. But rather something else altogether. Instead of 100k followers – he could have double that, should he attempt to dip his toes into the pool of humility and respect for others.

One can hope…

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  1. ICOjournodicks
    ICOjournodicks says:

    These articles are sensasionalized and shameful. Shame. Using someone’s addiction to feed your hits

  2. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:

    The syntax is not even correct! You guys come on! How could you ever be taken seriously with that kind of articles that seem to be written by children(?!).

  3. CringeGod
    CringeGod says:

    Not a big fan of Phil, but these “articles” are just so cringey

    Very clear you have a personal issue with him.

    Your attempts at “journalism” are just sad.

  4. Cassi M
    Cassi M says:

    this “journal” really just wants to help. they are truly CONCERNED AND WANT TO HELP LOL.

    apparently there is no criteria or standard for the content written on this sad excuse of a webpage.

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