Questions Concerning Ledger Nano S Keep Popping Up On Our Radar

Ledger is considered the gold standard, by some, of crypto wallets and crypto security not connected to an exchange. Holding your coins in your pocket, or elsewhere, is a strong point of Ledger’s brand.

Some of those questions have been specific to the Ledger NANO S. Take a look:

“I am writing to you because I feel desperate about a critical issue that affected many people while using the Ledger Nano S. I am trying for 3 months to raise awareness about this.
There is no way to prove it without any doubt, otherwise, it would have been over since then.”
“For now, I managed to gather 15 people for a total loss amount of $200k.”
“I contacted Eric Larcheveque on the 15th of January (I’m french, from Paris) and he answered immediately at 2 AM a Friday night and asking for a conf call with me the next morning).

We exchanged much information, because I am a technical person (software dev), so he knew that I wasn’t confused about what I was telling him from the start, and he seemed to really want to find where this came from. Progressively, he began to stop answering my emails/questions, and in the last mail told me that most likely they would not find anything.”
“Two weeks ago I sent an email to the Ledger security chief, telling him that Eric was not answering me for weeks, and he told me in a very polite way that he was aware of the issue, and investigating on it. 
He said that he would ask Eric to give me some updates and that I would have some soon.”
“Ten days later, I still did not have any news, so I wrote to that guy again, and I asked him why they were ignoring us, and that I was starting to find this suspicious, as it was exactly when they released the new firmware.”
“Finally, lastFridayy, I received an official email from Ledger legal services, telling me that they weren’t investigating anymore because they couldn’t reproduce the issue on their side. This mail was pretty disgusting to read, If you want to read it, I can send it back to you. If you have the time or find it relevant, I am kindly asking you if you could help me to give it some more visibility.”
“You can have a look at these threads, there’s a lot of information:

“Here is my last posts, as you can see it has been massively downvoted, and people are almost insulting me for bringing attention to a problem related to their beloved Ledger.”

This is an issue that needs to be discussed and we want to hear from the crypto community. Talk to us. Has this happened to you?