Reminder: Big Ched’s Adds Tremendous Value To Crypto Community

We know that we ran an article about the quality and quantity of value that Big Ched’s brings to crypto twitter just about a month ago. But that probably wasn’t enough.

During a breakdown in crypto pricing and a genuine bear market, Ched’s has reconfirmed his value to crypto with his steady hands at the forefront of chart evaluations and wisdom. Add to those two redeeming qualities a renewed interest in outing scammers when many are bamboozled by those willing to peddle false hope for a fee, and his value only ticks up even further.

The guy is as good as it gets at his craft and is willing to engage in dialogue that approaches the outer limits of acting like a certified adult. Which is saying more than you think when it comes to the type of dialogue that infects crypto twitter – where tough guy tickle fights break out nearly every day.

Follow him. Listen to him. And value what he brings to the table.