While You Were Sleeping: Bitcoin And Cryptos Take Another Beating

When you wake up this morning you are going to hear and see all sorts of commentary regarding the crypto bubble bursting. Bitcoin and its younger siblings have been taken to the woodshed and there is blood in the streets.

Of course, that is only if you bought at the relative top in the last few months. If you bought a year ago…well, you are still feeling pretty good about your fake internet money. Lol!!

The reality is this: Take a quick look at history. Pull up a Priceline chart from 1999 to 2002 and figure it out for yourself. A new and emerging industry is going to deal with severe volatility and massive moves up and down the ‘pain chain’.

Those who stay the course, diversify within blockchain and crypto will end up with the next Amazon or Google.

Hang in there today. And if you’ve got the balls, buy some more and HODL.

**Literally as we are typing this Bitcoin bounced up 500 points off the lows back above 8,000. LOL so HODL.