SOURCE: Barclays Commissions Cryptocurrency Trading Desk; Reaching Out To Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors

At a crypto hedge fund event today our team learned that Barclays is currently planning a cryptocurrency trading desk focused on institutions and the growth in crypto hedge funds across the globe. Two sources with knowledge of the project and the communications confirmed this with us  moments ago.

As a major player within the global financial framework, but one that has fallen on hard times since the financial crisis, it makes sense that Barclays would be attempting to beat rivals to this space. That is exactly what they are attempting to do.

Off the record we have heard conversations about trading desks, capital raises, and more traditional finance continuing to barrel into the crypto world. Again, not at all surprising at the moment.

At this point you do not have to be a ‘true believer’ in the crypto movement to understand its use cases and value to capital markets. Just take a few seconds to understand the ratio between a lack of IPO’s during the latest bull market in equity markets, and the increase in ICO’s that have forced regulators to scramble to create guidelines. Not a coincidence.

Barclays is coming. Morgan Stanley is coming. They are all coming to jump on the crypto band wagon.