Source: Bloomberg Shifts Crypto Feature To Conferences And Relationships

Bloomberg had been working on a crypto feature for more than 4 months, but as of this weekend has decided to shift away from the feature and into a separate initiative. The initiative looks to be Bloomberg personalities becoming involved at a ‘grass-roots’ level of the crypto world.

Disappointed in the lack of ‘on the record’ reporting that it could get out of the crypto community, sources at Bloomberg said that the piece was turning into an opinion feature rather than reporting that could be actionable. That led producers to push away from the crypto table and reassess how they cover the space in the midst of a bear market.

One announcement that was made had to do with one of Bloomberg’s most visible personalities, Joe Weisenthal. Weisenthal is slated to be a keynote speaker at the Coin Center Annual Dinner (connected to CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018 Event in NYC).

This type of involvement allows Bloomberg on-air personalities to get even more comfortable with the industry, creating deeper contacts, and better suited to do a more in-depth feature when the time is right.

Weisenthal himself is an incredibly curious media personality who has been measured in both his praise and criticism of the crypto space. Instead of staking out a ‘for or against’ policy, he’s held fire and listened to voices of distinction in crypto.

Bloomberg’s flagship market commentary time slot, “What’d You Miss” is captained by Weisenthal and has been known to speak smartly about crypto developments and the future of both the tech and tokens associated with future developments in blockchain.

Awaiting further developments from Bloomberg in the world of crypto can best be assessed by following their dedicated crypto Twitter account here: @crypto