The Philakone Group Is Using Twitter Thugs To Physically Threaten Dissenters (screenshots)

By this point, most of us are convinced that Philakone and his “team” are, at a minimum, disingenuous. Offering spots on their team at the bargain rate of $50k drew universal ire on crypto Twitter.

But that ire has been met with a quiet network of physical threats, some of which rise to the level of what some would call ‘death threats’.

The ICO Journal received just such a threat 48 hours ago:



Problem is…threats from nameless, faceless Twitter hero’s give us the giggles. In fact, Twitter hero’s that make threats, attempt to call out our reporting, or bow to Philakone as fanboys all give us the giggles.

It isn’t real life. Nobody should be afraid of a Philakone group Twitter threat. But if you are, report it to the local police, or the FBI, or whatever equivalent you happen to have in your locale. That should about cover it.

Here was another threat that was made on a different Twitter user just yesterday:




And there are others that have been a party to these threats and have reached out to us. When asked if we could share screenshots or their stories, they asked that we not do so…out of fear.

These guys have put together a following of 350k – 400k on Twitter and consider it a gold mine for bilking crypto investors out of their money. Remember how long they all said that “we never charge anything for our work!” That is no longer true.

Be careful out there, baby whales.