“This sums up crypto twitter this week…” 😵🙄

About as good and accurate a DM as we’ve ever received…this author accurately sums up the insanity and drama of crypto twitter this week:

Ok so let’s recap all the bullshit of crypto twitter this week (hey I could write a trashy weekly or fortnightly crypto feature column 😝😝😂😂) or just let me vent either way lol I need to calm the hell down…”

“Anyway here’s the run down HISI (how I see it)!”

“So staring off the week we saw (yet again) lines in the sand drawn between @litecoindad and @LitecoinQueen …. indeed rumours of twitter rants, abusive DMs , threats of violence and even “hitmen” (who knew LTC could be so dangerous 🤷🏼‍♀️). Naturally the twitterverse, never to let sleeping dogs lie, then piled on with the follower/pack mentality , with loyal disciples from both sides of the “lite coin fam” jumping in to defend their chosen litecoin anointed. Suffice to say, the feud continues but I’m absolutely certain the antics and behaviour displayed by these two “brand ambassadors” has convinced many to #buylitecoin *insert sarcasm here* 😒.”

“Then there was the more high-brow but nonetheless obvious pissing contest between BTC prince Jimmy Song and XRP/Ripple/Edgesecure Elite Tiffany Hayden, Nik Bougalis & David Schwartz. While there was an attempt to remain civil in this exchange, the duration and number of participants contributing to the “I hate ripple” or the “ I love ripple” club resulted in an uneasy Mexican Standoff. Neither side concedes defeat and it seems things continue to remain frosty. *insert warm hug here*.”

“And a week in crypto would surely (and sadly) not be complete without at least one sexist or chauvinistic tweet…. Let’s all give a great big shout out to Suppoman. Yes, Michael Suppo gets our prize for the most misogynistic crypto tweet of the week when he compared the listing of Wanchain on Binance Exchange to that of a girl that “ teases you for months but never puts out. Finally she does but you dump her straight after cos it wasn’t worth the wait”. (Let’s just let that enlightenment wash over us for a moment). Sadly, the “hit it and quit it” mentality found little reproach from his 87k followers. *insert face palm here*.”

“And finally we end the working week on the grand finale announcement that Eric Choe, Philacone, Cheds ( and some other TA dude😂) are all joining forces to help bring new bigger investors into the cryptospace and mentor investors into whales. Well let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief… *wait…. what* Yes you heard it right Twitterverse, not content to sit back and just chew the fat with his good buddy Zeke Echelon anymore, Philacone and his new “posse” are helping to bring new blood into the crypto-space (yes we used the word blood intentionally) this is AWESOME NEWS for anyone that has the $50k they are charging for this “help”. (I think I’ll just go invest my fiat in IOTA – it’ll probably do better 😂🤷🏼‍♀️).”

“Stay tuned crypto-peeps …. there is surely more to come.”


Yep – you pegged it perfectly.