Trading Crypto: Weekend Opportunity To Cash In Arrives Overnight

Taking a look into overnight trading, a quick bit on where Bitcoin (BTC) has found itself is important after yesterdays breakdown.

As I said, the bounce off of the 8,400 mark would surely prove an 8k level hold, and it did. So far.

Note: The entry I recommended last night @BTC8625 would have yielded 400-500pts, within the 400-800pt upside guideline.

The next level up to test would be the 9,200 mark, which it is currently (as of 6am CST) doing.
If BTC can best this level, again, and hold 9,200 as support…the road ahead will look good.

BTC is currently a WATCH for a pullback to test 8,600, where I find a support/pivot level over the next few hours. Update to come…