WTF? Peter Brandt Compares Bitcoin Price Action To Corn Futures

We get it. Peter Brandt has been around trading for a while. A long while. This is a nice way of saying that he is old. Sorry, not sorry.

As a respected trader who has decades of experience, Peter may still be prone to mistakes and ridiculous comparisons. He is not infallible no matter what you think of his background and track record.

Last night was one of those moments. Peter Brandt just compared $BTC to corn futures and crypto twitter doesn’t like it very much. Take a look at the below tweet:


Ehhhhh…that’s unfortunate. So unfortunate that the thread is in the process of getting a fresh crypto twitter troll job at the moment. Follow along here: Peter Brandt Bitcoin and Corn

In a fashion that is unique to our favorite crypto OG, Cobain appropriately trolled Mr. Brandt:


Don’t be like Peter Brandt. :(